FlexOffers.com Continues to Grow and Exceed Goals

At FlexOffers.com, teamwork makes the dream work. Over the past few months, each department has worked diligently to do just that, and we are excited to share some updates with you.

New Employees

Since the start of 2018, FlexOffers.com has been off to the races, which is why it’s no surprise we have secured a Top 10 spot as one of the best affiliate networks for the fourth year in a row. Along with an increased base of advertisers, publishers, and revenue growth, the workforce continues to expand as well with representatives now located across the country in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boston, and San Francisco.

Interested in joining us? We currently have positions available and would love to hear from you! Please visit careers.flexoffers.com to browse all current job openings, including Compliance Manager and Affiliate Manager (Publisher).


New Roles

Not only are new members being added to the team, but everyone already on board is constantly hitting milestones and taking on new responsibilities too. While recent hires complete in-depth training processes for maximum efficiency, other individuals within the company are advancing to higher managerial roles and delving into the world of credit card programs. Also notable is our outreach specialist that helps us integrate with other networks, agencies, and high-potential programs. Additionally, our Tech Team has been implementing an exciting feature to our site: product feeds. Together, a shared sense of leadership among the entire team has led FlexOffers.com to outperform last year’s profitability for customers and clients alike.

Want to learn more about how FlexOffers can work with you to improve performance? Meet us at an upcoming conference. If you are heading to Affiliate Summit East in New York next week (July 29 – 31), please stop by Booth 2016 to get in touch. We will also be available to meet at CJU in Santa Barbara (September 12 – 14). For all other inquiries, feel free to reach out to [email protected]


Last month, the FlexOffers team held a team-building event (“Pilot Program”) to learn more about fellow coworkers’ tasks and progress.


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