FlexOffers’ COVID-19 Publisher Guide


FlexOffers COVID-19 Publisher Guide

The team at FlexOffers hopes you are healthy and well amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. We’re presently taking measures to ensure the wellbeing of our employees while maintaining a full complement of services for our publishers.

During these uncertain times, publishers have understandably expressed concerns related to the prospect of an economic downturn and have looked to us for guidance. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, publishers are bracing for the economic fallout within their respective verticals.

Recognizing the need for advanced sensitivity toward consumer demands, the FlexOffers team is prepared to deliver options designed to alleviate escalating tensions related to COVID-19. Publishers are now in a unique position to guide and help consumers navigate the current market. Our goal at FlexOffers is to offer assurance and strategic collaboration that shifts the focus on advertiser offerings, brings forth meaningful value, and solves critical problems for consumers.

Through FlexOffers.com, our partners will be afforded the opportunity to monetize, add stability, or even grow their consumer base while providing their online audience with authentic value and solutions. Below are advertisers our strategic accounts team has identified to help our publishers. If you have yet to register to become a publisher with FlexOffers.com, please sign up here. If you’re an existing publisher, please direct all questions and/or requests to your account manager or the FlexOffers publisher team ([email protected]).

Where have you struggled? What has worked for you? It’s all hands on deck to support our valued publishers, and we’re in this together.


Matt Burden VP, Strategy

FlexOffers Coronavirus Tips and Supplies Guide

Please note that advertiser availability and information is subject to change. The PublisherPro dashboard always contains the most current program information for each advertiser. 


Click here to find top converting categories and advertisers  dedicated to preventing the spread of COVID-19:


Consumers are understandably anxious about investments and are considering their next moves in an uncertain economy. Advertisers like The Motley Fool offer insights and guidance to help investors or would-be investors navigate an uncertain landscape.

The Motley FoolThe payout is $112 (default, MotleyFoolRuleBreakers, MotleyFoolRuleYourRetirement, MotleyFoolStockAdvisor and STOCKADVISORCB) on sales
MorningstarThe payout is $4 monthly membership and $40.00 on 1-, 2-, 3- year membership sales (Excluding Morningstar Basic membership)
Morning BrewThe payout is $2.8 per email signup (DOI)



In the midst of a global-wide crisis, online hackers may take an opportunist position, posing malicious threats to millions of consumers. More than ever, consumers need to take online security and identity protection measures to ensure they are safeguarded against these attacks.

Norton by SymantecThe payout is 32% of sales (Default; excluding legacy products) and 16% of sales (Computer Tune Up (CTU)
McAfeeThe payout is 60% of sale.
BitdefenderThe payout is $16.00 on BitDefender Box sales and 8% (existing customer) and 16% (new customer) of sales
Identity GuardThe payout ranges from $16.00 – $64 of sales
LifeLockThe payout is between $9.6 and $132 per sale
KasperskyThe payout is 8% on select products and 16% of sales
ESET North AmericaThe payout is 24% on sales (orders are limited to 1-15 user bundles per installation environment) and $3.20 on Xopero sales
Winston PrivacyThe payout is 8%



Consumers are relying on BIGBOX retailers more than ever for the essential products needed to weather shelter-in-place and social distancing measures mandated or encouraged by Federal and local government. Many essentials are out of stock, and consumers are anxiously monitoring these retailers online for in-stock notifications and the convenience of expedited shipping options to avoid exhaustive trips to physical store locations.

CostcoThe payout is $2.4 per sale (Gold Star or Executive Membership purchase with valid payment)
Target The payout .80%(Health and Beauty), 2.4%(Baby Gear & Furniture), and 4%(Apparel & Accessories, Home & Outdoor Living and Default items -this excludes Sweet JoJo, items on exclusion lists and IOS Target.com App, and REDCard) on purchases.
Sam’s ClubThe payout is 12% (new memberships), 0.8% (video games, office supplies, kitchen, etc) and 3.2% on all other sales (excluding Gift Cards, Computers, Laptops, and Consumables)
BJ’s Wholesale ClubThe payout ranges from 0.8% to 2.4% depending on the product purchased
OverstockThe payout is 3.20% on sales
KmartThe payout is 2.4% (automotive products, Children’s Footwear, Fine Jewelry, Footwear, Men’s Footwear, Women’s Footwear), 1.6% (appliances, baby apparel, OTC drugs, grocery & pet, home goods, tools). Electronics, Beauty & Health, Marketplace, Layaway, Kmart gift cards, and installation services are not eligible for commission.
QVC.comThe payout is 1.6% on electronics purchases and 3.2% on all other sales (excluding gift cards).
Bed Bath & BeyondThe payout is $8 on registry creations, 2.4% of online sales and 0.8% on gift card sales. See Terms and Conditions for additional payout information.
buybuy BABYThe payout is $4.80 (baby registry creation), 0.8% (gift card purchases & reloads), 1.6% (Harmon Health purchases), and 2.4% (all other sales).


Growing security concerns across communities are giving consumers pause for thought, on whether to increase their home security features. These advertisers offer home security and smart home solutions to give consumers peace of mind in an economic landscape with an uncertain timeline and unknown depth of impact.

SmartHomeThe payout is 3.2% of sales
Kangaroo The payout is 8% (Kangaroo non-subscription products) 16% (Kangaroo subscription products)
LockdownThe payout is 6% of sales
Best BuyThe payout is 0.4% (all other sales), 1.2% (new customer) 5.6% (Baby SKU, Fit SKU) 6.4% (Luggage) on sales.
SamsungThe payout is 6.4% (certified pre-owned phones), 4.8% (default – new/returning customers), No commission on Reservations (User submits email address to reserve new product at launch)
GateThe payout is 4% for new customers, 1.6% of existing customer Gate Smart Lock Sales, $20 for new customers and $8 of existing Gate Premier Service Plan sales
Deep Sentinel Home SecurityThe payout is $80-$280 depending on sales depending on sku item
Lowe’sThe payout is 0.80% of sales, excluding Gift Cards
The Home DepotThe payout is 1.6% (appliances and all other items) and 6.4%(HD Home items) on sales



The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a stay-at-home economy. Professionals are working from home and need to acquire the necessary tools to set up remote offices and new virtual workplace cultures.

FiverrThe payout is $18 per sale
GotoWebinarThe payout $80 on sales
GotoMeetingThe payout $80 on sales
TheSmartWalletThe payout is $0.16 cost per click
KeapThe payout is $8.00 (Demo completed on target landing page) $20 (Free trial signup completed on target landing page) 16% (Customer completes free trial and starts paid subscription)
Virtual Vocations Affiliate Referral ProgramThe payout is $6 per new subscriber
Dell Home & Home OfficeThe payout is 1.2% of sales.
Office Depot and OfficeMaxThe payout ranges from 0.4% to 4.8% of sales depending on the product purchased (excluding gift cards).
Bizchair.comThe payout is 4% of sales (default), and 0.8% for Low Margin items sales.
SprintThe payout is $64.00 (per Bring Your Own Device(plan), and Add a Line (gross new/gross add) and $20.00 (Peripheral devices (add /new), tablets (add/new), and watches (add/new).)



Whether by necessity or for personal growth interest, individuals may be looking to achieve personal or professional development in this new stay-at-home economy. Online education platforms enable individuals or teams to advance their skill set through virtual programs.

MasterClassThe payout is 20% of sales
Rosetta StoneThe payout is 10% of sales
UdemyThe payout is 16% of sales

FlexOffers Coronavirus Tips and Supplies Guide


Mental and physical well-being are vital during the shelter-in-place advisories. Gyms and fitness studios are closing, and consumers are turning to alternatives to ensure they maintain healthy eating and active lifestyles. Virtual fitness, home gyms, weight loss and maintenance programs, and wellness products such as CBD oils are options that add value and benefit to overcome the confinement of staying at home.

ClassPassThe payout is 8.4% of sales (default) and $7.2 per lead (2 Week Free Trial)
AaptivOn a yearly subscription converted from a free trial, the payout is $26.40 (up to 25 total actions), $30.40 (up to 50 total actions), and $34.40 (50+ total actions). On monthly subscription purchases, the payout is $14.40 (up to 25 total actions), $18.40 (up to 50 total actions), and $22.40 (50+ total actions).
BowflexThe payout is 2.4% of sales
GAIAMThe payout is 6.4% of sales
Blink FitnessThe payout is $20 on sales (default) and $6.4 per lead (Free Trials).
Calm by WellnessThe payout is 12% of sales
NOOM The payout is $16 (Referral Derived Country is United Kingdom) $18.40 (All Other Sales) on sales
NutrisystemThe Payout is $112 per valid transaction
WeightWatchersThe payout is $10 (OnlinePlus, Meetings – includes OnlinePlus, Personal Coaching – includes OnlinePlus, Total Access) on sales
My Virtual DoctorThe payout is 100% per sale
NewPlansOptions.com$70.00 per application submitted.
NutriNZ by Magmed Ltd.15% of every sale
YouDrugstore.com10% payout. $250 AOV with 3% CR
Professional Supplement CenterThe payout is 8% (Professionalsupplementcenter.com purchase with valid payment) on purchases.
Abacus Health Products (CBDMEDIC)The payout is 32% of sales.



Some consumers are increasingly concerned about weathering the long term impacts the COVID-19 outbreak could create, in terms of the population having access to essential items and infrastructure. These advertisers address consumers’ emergency preparedness concerns with outdoor and survival gear.

Survival FrogThe payout ranges from 1.92% to 9.6% per sale
Bass Pro ShopsThe payout is 0.8% for FireArms, 1.6% for Ammo and 4% on all other sales (excluding gift cards)
Cabela’sThe payout is 1.6% (ammunition, Rimfire ammo), 0.8% (firearms), and 2.4% (all other sales – excluding gift cards)
Dick’s Sporting GoodThe payout is 4% on sales, excluding gift cards (1 action per click)
Academy Sports + OutdoorsPayout 0.8% of sales
Sportsmans Warehouse AUThe payout is 12% of sales (when cart item brand is “Kool Kids”), and 6% of all other sales. FlexOffers will distribute payment in USD based on current exchange rate.



As the population increasingly avoids outings to public places, and grocery retailers are overrun with panic buying, food delivery and meal kit subscription programs are seeing a spike in interest.

FreshlyThe payout is $24 on sales
ShiptThe payout is $1.60 (signup/trials) and $8.80 (converted trials) on sales
GrubhubThe payout is $4 per new customer online purchase
DoordashThe payout is $2.4 of sales (excluding blacklisted promo codes).
PostmatesThe payout is $8 per sale
Sakara LifeThe payout is 11.2% on MP product purchases, 9.6% on OMD product purchases, and 8% on CB product purchases
Factor 75The payout is $16.00 of sales
InstacartThe payout is $0.40 per new customer sale (excluding promo code sales and existing customers)
DinnerlyThe payout is $24.00 on sales
Simply CookThe payout is 0.08 GBP on unauthorized sales, and 4 GBP on all other sales. FlexOffers will distribute payment in USD based on the current exchange rate.
SeamlessThe payout is $4.00 per order
Fresh Meal PlanThe payout is $36.00 per sale
ChewyThe payout is $12 on new customer sales
PetcoThe payout is 3.2% of sales (excluding gift cards, donations, and repeat delivery orders)
GobbleThe payout is $32 per Gobble Sales Pixel.
FreshDirectThe payout is 8% of new customer sales, excluding promo codes.
Meal PlanThe payout is 8% of sales (Excluding Null Purchases).



Prescriptions and medical health products are necessities ranging from important to critical needs. Online access to prescription refills, supply restock, and supplements assure ease of access while allowing individuals to stay at home.

WalgreensThe payout is 1.6% on sales for contact lenses and photos – this excludes grocery, household products, diet & fitness, and other non-commissionable items
VitacostThe payout is 6.4% of sales (New Customer) and 4.8% of sales (Existing Customer)
Swanson VitaminsThe payout is 8% of Swanson Brand sales and 2.4% on all other sales
SinusaveThe payout is 12% of sales
SimplymedsThe payout is 6.4% of sales. FlexOffers will distribute payment in USD based on the current exchange rate
MedexpressThe payout is 10% of sales. FlexOffers will distribute payment in USD based on the current exchange rate
Dr. Schulze’sThe payout is 5% of sales
Lucky VitaminThe payout is 2.72% of sales
LifeExtensionThe payout is 12% (less than $1,000), 14.4% ($1,000 – $2,499), and 16% ($2,500 and above) on sales
eVitaminsThe payout is 8% on new customer sales and 4.8% on repeat customer sales
JetsonsThe payout is 6% of sales.



Mandated school closures mean millions of kids are at home, many with working parents. Homeschooling will be the new norm, and many parents are looking for educational resources online or for home delivery, to supplement their kids’ education and continued learning.

Curious WorldThe payout $2.40 per sale
Kiwi CoThe payout 8% (shop purchase), $5.60 (subscription purchase)
ScholasticThe payout 7.2% of sales
HighlightsThe payout 12.8% of magazine and general sales, $8.80 per book club purchase, and 4.8% of shop
Creativebug IncThe payout $4.80 per sale
Evan-Moor Educational PublishersThe payout 6% of sales
MisterArt.comThe payout 8% on sales
learning resourcesThe payout 5% of sales
Spangler Science ClubThe payout is 8% of sales and $12 on SSC Products
ThriftBooks.comThe payout ranges from 4% to 6.4% depending on total sales amount.



There is an opportunity to capture a significant subset of consumers that have not yet subscribed to streaming TV and music subscription programs. New shows are releasing, which coincides with current events that leave millions looking for entertainment outlets in a stay-at-home era.

Hulu$10 per sale
Tidal$4.00 – $20.80 per sale
Disney Plus $16.00 for bundle purchases
Showtime$6.00 per subscription
SiriusXM$12 per sale (Satellite), $8 per sale (SXIR 1 Mo – Premier) and $6.4 on all other Streaming Sales
AT&T TV$40 per sale
Philo$8 per free trial signup


GrouponThe payout is 8% of sales (local deals, 6.4% of sales (getaways), 4% of sales (goods)

Please note that advertiser availability and information is subject to change. The PublisherPro dashboard always contains the most current program information for each advertiser.  

FlexOffers Coronavirus Tips and Supplies Guide

Alleviate your consumers’ COVID-19 concerns through FlexOffers’ COVID-19 publisher guide today!


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