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Summer Survival Guide 2018

With temperatures heating up outside, so too should the sales on your landing page. Take advantage of the discounts listed below on seasonal fashion, top tech, and other must-haves in the FlexOffers.com Summer Survival Guide 2018 today!         DolceVita.com The stylish yet comfortable shoes sold through the … Read more…

Tax Day 2018 Refunds & Rebates

With their federal income tax refund checks in hand, now’s the ideal time to cater to your readers with a bit of spending money in hand, maximizing the profitability of your site. Promote these discounts on beauty products, hotel suites, and high-end consumer tech now available on the FlexOffers.com network! … Read more…

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Christmas Day Sales at FlexOffers.com

Merry Christmas!While the bulk of this season’s buys are behind us, there are still plenty of purchases to be made with the gift cards given by well-meaning relatives and employers. Don’t miss your opportunity to promote these engaging Christmas deals from FlexOffers.com on your website today!

Early Spring Break Savings Now at FlexOffers.com

Your readers living anywhere but the southern tips of the United States are likely experiencing the same wintry hardships as troops stationed on Hoth right now, and have only the thoughts of a tropical escape to keep them warm. What better time to take advantage of winter clearance sales and … Read more…